The approach to address the client’s challenge included:

                              • Setting up a central Cloud-Data warehouse as a single source of truth
                              • Laying the foundational data-architecture which classified requests to zones based on repeatability and usage
                              • Introducing a metadata driven- UI based governance framework to capture data-requests
                              • Building re-usable frameworks to enable the platform to serve personas with data requests, platform usage requests and insights requests
                              • Harnessing the power of Data-Bricks on Azure for workload based dynamic, auto-scalable ingestion layer creation

                              KEY BENEFITS

                              • Azure native solution easily integrable with Rest-API driven governance framework on Collibra for organization wide transparency
                              • Handles, changing records, unified streaming, and in-built data-quality layer using the delta-lake feature of data-bricks
                              • Loosely coupled frameworks for logging/Alerting & monitoring which are cloud-agnostic and can be re-configured and used as need be


                              • The time to on-board data decreased to a 24-hour cycle
                              • Overall storage and compute cost slashed by 30%
                              • One platform – For Bring your own data, Platform & data services and Insights services